ONE-ON-ONE COACHING SESSIONS Coaching package of 6 sessions (including free introductory session) OR monthly coaching.


Offering a coaching package that is specifically designed to support leaders through a merger transaction. Leaders are often dealing with major changes to management hierarchy, organizational structure, policies/procedures and culture. This coaching package focuses on self-care and support using visioning to develop new possibilities and options that will compel your leaders forward. Leaders can emerge through a merger leading and living their best life. 



Offering 3 levels of coaching support as well as customized packages that fit virtually any company's needs and budget for its leadership training.  Effective coaching engagements typically last between 6-8 months.

How Can Coaching Help?

An individual or team might choose executive coaching for many reasons including:

  1. Preparing leaders for promotion or transition
  2. Developing executive presence and emotional intelligence
  3. Support through a merger transaction
  4. Something urgent, compelling or exciting is at stake
  5. Filling in a knowledge, skills or resources  gap 
  6. Clarifying your purpose, your goals and your future
  7. Work and life are out of balance creating unwanted consequences

Susan Ralston | Executive Coach


Susan Ralston is an executive coach and consultant combined with an award-winning business leader with a proven track record of building successful businesses. She can partner with senior executives and high potential leaders to determine specific, sustainable actions that can bring positive transformation. Drawing from her 20+ years as a bank CEO, she can identify with leaders’ challenges helping them stay focused on the most impactful activities that drive key results.  Susan holds an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential from the International Coach Federation. 

Coaching Tip #2 - Perseverance

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